Cultural Registration

Cultural Programs 2024 - Guidelines and Rules

All performances must be registered online to perform in the American Telugu Association 2024 conference.
All the items should reflect our Telugu culture and heritage and be in Telugu/Sanskrit language only.
Minimum 10 participants are required in a group performance. Minimum age to participate is 10 years as of April 15th, 2024.
Each performance should not exceed more than the time specified for each category.

  • Skit / Drama - 15 minutes
  • Dance (Classical / Fusion) - 12 minutes
  • Dance (Bollywood/Tollywood) - 8 minutes
  • Dance Dramas - 15 minutes
  • Mimicry/Mime - 10 minutes
  • Instrumental/Acapella - 8 minutes

A performer can only participate in one (1) performance in the same genre.

The maximum number of programs a participant can participate in is two (2) in different genres (if applicable).

Performer is responsible to get his/her performance related material and it/they should be stage appropriate.

At the time of registration, submit a previous performance (video) or actual performance (video) or details of the theme, high level costume details or any other details for the committee to evaluate the registration.

A pre-qualification event will be scheduled by the committee for selecting the performance, and participation is mandatory for every registrant. All medley performances must submit the list of songs for the committee to evaluate on qualification day.

All registrants need to present the costumes that will be used in the performance on the pre-qualification event.

Auditions will be scheduled for the final selection of the performance, and every qualified registrant MUST attend the auditions.

Every participating group MUST provide a final AV file (mp4) within a week of Auditions, and no changes will be entertained.

Performance registration deadline is Feb 29th, 2024 (12 midnight EST).

Program Schedule: You can choose a preferred day at registration, but ATA deserves the right to schedule the program as it fits appropriately on the schedule.

If multiple programs are received for the same genre, ATA cultural team reserves the right to choose program(s) at its discretion.

Program Schedule: You can specify preferred day and time during registration, but we deserve the right to schedule the program as it fits appropriately on the schedule.

All medley registrants must submit the list of songs during registration for us to evaluate.

Performers are required to bring their own costumes, makeup and any props. We can help with any special requirements (at the discretion of the committee*).

All registrants must send 3 full length videos of past performance after the resignation.

Rehearsals will be scheduled and every registrant is expected to showcase the performance including the stage setup and teardown time for respective performances.


American Telugu Association (ATA) deserves all rights to schedule the time slot for the performance. All the guidelines are framed as per ATA by-laws and any changes to the guidelines and rules will be made at the discretion of the ATA team and within the ethics and practices of ATA.
ATA will use the selection process to evaluate the cultural entries, time allocation, quality and uniqueness of the program, and a decision will be communicated to the selected parties. ATA reserves all rights to reject any registration if deemed inappropriate for the convention or if the performance belongs to the same genre, ATA also reserves the right to suggest/modify the cultural entry to bring the uniqueness and quality to the event.

Stage rules and regulations

Flames in the form of Candlelight or lamps will not be permitted on the stage. Battery-operated lights may be allowed.
Use of theme-based props on stage is okay but set up has to be completed while the item is being announced and has to be removed immediately after the performance is done. If help is needed in removal of props, please let the Cultural team know at least a week before the event.
All participants and their families must purchase the admission ticket. All the participants will receive a token of appreciation for their hard work in the form of awards/prizes/medals or certificates.
Participants must strictly report backstage at your specified time, and coordinator is expected to stay in touch with the committee members.
Performers are expected to leave the stage as soon as the performance ends and clear the backstage as per the security/backstage coordinator instructions.

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